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Amelia Schoolhouse exterior

Celebrate History

The Renovation Process

Bought by the current owners in August 2017, the Inn's renovation began in October of that year with a complete gutting of the interior save for the stairs. The stairs, which are original to the building, were restored their original state while other original parts of the structure, including the heart pine floors and the windows, were removed in order to undergo a complete restoration. During that time, the building was a shell and then put back together under meticulous care of many of the finest preservationists. As the new rooms were being built, the original windows were put back in and the hardwood, after being re-milled, sanded, and stained, were then put back. All during that time the brick, also original to the building, was re-pointed brick by brick - another meticulous part of the process that was necessary to make sure the building was properly restored.

Thru it all, we took minor liberties to also create important pieces to making an inn where all could enjoy - including building a pool and a courtyard with a putting green. The end goal was to create a place that celebrated the historic nature while also bringing in modern amenities that are essential to a boutique inn. We are proud of the finished product and are excited to not only show it to travelers, but also the locals of the island.