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Amelia FAQs




  • How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect Amelia's services?

    Normally we offer a continental breakfast but due to COVID-19, we have switched to Grab N Go to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines. We will offer daily maid service on request only. Please note our housekeepers will be frequenting other guest rooms. We ask guests to place their "Maid Service" sign out by noon the day of.

    In regards to masks, there is not a mandate for Nassau County. Given the matter, you may see guests/staff in the hotel without masks. We encourage those who are wary to consider this before booking with us.

  • What is your policy for cancellations?

    Both Shrimpfest and Amelia Island Concour (Car show) have a separate cancellation policy, please feel free to call for the specifics. Due to the smallness of our hotel, we are not flexible with last minute changes. (IE weather) Guests that choose to travel during Covid are subject to normal cancel fees, we do not waive cancel fees due to Covid. (or weather)

    Our standard policy: Upon booking, we charge a one night deposit with the remaining balance due on arrival. For cancellations, we charge a $50 fee if a cancellation occurs outside of 5 days before the arrival date. Should a guest cancel within 5 days of their reservation, the deposit becomes nonrefundable.Should a guest choose to modify their reservation within 5 days of their arrival date, we will charge an additional reservation change fee at the time of the date change.

  • Do you make cancellation exceptions for hurricanes?

    Our normal cancel fees apply with the exception of a "Named" Hurricane forecasted to directly hit our island within 5 days of your reservation date. All other reservations are subject to normal cancellation fees.


  • Are you pet friendly? Do you allow children?

    Unfortunately, we do not allow pets. Our Inn caters to adults only.